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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Security Guard with the Mirthless Smile

Comic geeks and RPG(role-playing games) dweebs are working themselves into an online frenzy because of a posting on a message board by someone with the psuedonym Mephron. RPG comic strip Maiden with the Mirthless Smile is a danger to national security because like other subversive publications like Sports Illustrated and Maxim it has a scantily clad woman on the front cover. At least this was the line fed out by a security guard who was checking baggage of ferry passengers.

Not too sure if this is part of the military/Halliburton/christian alliance conspiracy to use the cloak of terrorism to assault the comic book industry or just some tin-hat minimum wage pr!ck who got up himself. Taking comics off other people should be left in the schoolyard dude, - if they are not reading comics how will know to treat them like the social pariahs that they are. It would be worse if they were all swatting up for the Microsoft certifiable exams.

Mephron's original posting is here, all hail the alpha dweeb.

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