Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Link of the Day

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Ok, so I have left Yahoo! after being made redundant and about to start a new role agency-side (which is both exciting and kind of scary all at the same time), I now feel that I can now say nice things independently about the Yahoo! family of products on here, without it being construed as the insepid scribblings of a paid shill (I'll have you know I am a damn good shill thank you very much).

I used to be a European PR manager working on various bits of the business including Yahoo! Search, My Web, Answers,, 360, Flickr, Research and the technology development team which put me pretty much right at the centre of the web 2.0 vortex.

You can find some of the good stuff that was happening here.

Not so much a product big-up but Carole McManus - community manager of Y!360 in Sunnyvale has put up a useful posting on how to blog. Obvious I know, but some good tips on writing style and getting around writers block (also check out the comments section on the posting).

Ok, a question to leave you with: how can the scribblings of an engineer like Robert Scroble or Jeremy Zawodny be considered to be great communication but a PR person's postings be always viewed with suspicion (except when discussing the dark arts of misdirection and deception)? Answers on a comment below please.

The picture came from a number of photos that I took at this years Breakin' Convention in Sadlers Wells which as the young people would say was 'nuff wicked scene or rather good.