Monday, July 03, 2006

Link of the day

Advertising Age has a case study of the Yahoo! Found campaign that ran in London.

The campaign was interesting because it used the environment as an interaction with the poster executions to give it an experiential feel.

The campaign reasonated for a long time with consumers and we took found arrows on to the streets long after the poster campaign had finished to hijack the Dukes of Hazzard UK fillm premiere, SES London (with the help of Vegas showgirl outfits) and a Harry Potter book launch.

Running that kind of campaign on a sustained basis takes a lot of cojones, especially in a corporate environment, its a pity that it wasn't exploited to its full potential.

The problem that marketers now face is that the likes of Google Adwords provide a safer option with PowerPoint friendly data that can be dropped into pivot tables and used like a crutch to support their decision-making in the face of a hostile management.

What this doesn't capture is brand value, goodwill which provides more diffuse benefits of preference over time.