Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Whizz

Ever since I discovered Netnewswire Lite by Ranchero, I have been a fan of RSS readers, the integration of RSS with the browsing experience that you get in the normal version of Firefox and Safari leaves me a bit cold.

A friend pointed out a freeware plugin Wizz for the Mozilla browser that turns it into a traditional style news reader. I was a bit cynical, but I have been convinced.
Mozilla is becoming an application platform in its own right, will this make Wizz Web 1.5?

Good Morning Silicon Valley pointed out that Webaroo, a modern day version of the offline browser has managed to raise a stonking 8 million USD. Given that the web everywhere is rapidly becoming a reality with wi-fi, wimax, 3G and 4G - why?

I know that venture capital firms are sitting on a huge stockpile of money that they need to 'invest', but the pitch for Webaroo must have either been very compelling or presented to some very desperate investors.

Also, only supporting Windows is so web 1.0. Check out their site before they burn through their funding and see where your pension fund money has gone (again).