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Monday, May 30, 2005

Tech silly season Apple and Intel reports

Every so often there is media reports about Apple and Intel rumours. Usually the speculation runs along the lines that Apple may be getting ready to move the Mac platform on to Intel chips.

Its not likely to happen, especially at the moment. Intel has a number of problems that would make it unappealing to Apple. Its processors have hit a performance roadblock, it is being outgunned in the performance stakes by rival AMD and the EPIC architecture of the Itanium (the processor closest to Apple's PowerPC chipsets from IBM and Motorola) is a dogs dinner that the industry including Itanium development partner HP has largely ignored. In addition, the amount of money flowing into the PowerPC architecture from IBM contracts with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft means that it will receive an addtional boost in the arm. The sales of consoles will encourage IBM to make the chipmaking process ever cheaper to profit from the volume business coming its way.

Intel not only makes PC processors, but also other chips like the Xscale series that may find their way into future iPod like devices or other specialist network chips that would be handy for the likes of Apple's Airport Express. It would also be sensible for Apple to have a dialogue with Intel on future technologies like WiMax and future generations of USB.

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