Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Jargon Watch

Traffic consultant - taxi driver. Unbelievable a consultant who actually works for a living and I guess it also explains why taxi journeys are so expensive. Thanks to AVN Insider reader Emo for the tip.

Switcher - a Windows PC user who is fed up with viruses, spyware and system crashes and decides to try a Mac (at least according to Apple and the Kansas City Infozine)

Mum Truck - a large 4WD vehicle used by mothers in urban areas to transport their children short distances. Supposed to be derogatory, but I quite like the sound of it! (source Collins Life Dictionary online)

J├Ąger Bomb - American students rocket fuel of choice J├Ągermeister (a herbal liqueur) with energy drink Red Bull: human catnip for jarheads and jocks